Members of the Permanent Committee

Madeleine Lesire

Anne-Louise Blaffart
Vice President

Luc Derochette

Yves Pieper

Amélie Boveroux

Jean-Marie Detilloux

Jean-Marie Wodon

Everyone willing to support the activities of the association can become member.

If you want to become a member, please send us an email at

As a show of support, we kindly request each member to pay a yearly 'contribution' of EUR 25,00 (3000 FCFP). This contribution is payable annually on the account number 001-5533183-88 at the FORTIS branch in Haccourt, Belgium (BIC GEBABEBB, IBAN BE 56 0015 5331 8388). Members belonging to the same household pay a unique contribution of EUR 25,00.

The sums collected through this contribution will be solely affected to the realisation of the association's objectives : the promotion and realisation of nature conservation projects as well as actions aiming at the promotion of environmental awareness and education.

Madeleine Lesire (Henri's mother) , Anne-Louise Blaffart (his sister), Luc Derochette, Yves Pieper, Jean-Marie Wodon and Jean-Marie Detilloux are the founding members of the association. They form the Permanent Committee.

New members are accepted by the Permanent Committee. A copy of the statutes and the bylaws of the association can be provided upon request.