Henri Blaffart Association - Statutes

November 2008


The Henri Blaffart Association is a 'de facto' association established in Belgium on 24th August 2008.

Henri BLAFFART got engaged in conservation projects in New Caledonia involving indigenous people. His career has been dedicated with passion to defend the environment on several continents. His family and friends have decided to extend his work by creating this association whose main objective is environmental awareness.
A bank account was opened on behalf of the Association in April 2008.


The undersigned,
Lesire Madeleine
Blaffart Anne-Louise
Pieper Yves
Derochette Luc
Wodon Jean-Marie
Detilloux Jean-Marie

agreed to establish a 'de facto' association whose statutes are listed below .

Title I : Description of the Association

Article 1

The name of the association is : «Association Henri Blaffart» here called the Association or the AHB.

Article 2

Its creation is linked to the accidental death in New Caledonia, on 21st March 2008, of Henri BLAFFART, Agricultural Engineer from Gembloux who was based in Hienghène for the NGO called Conservation International. The approval of these statutes dated XXX 2008 marks the formal constitution of the Association and this for an indefinite period. The Association elected residence at the following address:
18, route de l’Etat
B-4682 Houtain Saint Siméon

Article 3

3.1. The main purpose of the Association is the promotion and realisation of nature conservation projects as well as environment sensitisation and education.

3.2. The Association is allowed to conduct fund raising operations as long as their results are exclusively used to achieve that purpose.

3.3. The Association may also address and assist in any other similar activity.

3.4. To achieve its purpose, the Association may adopt an internal procedures manual duly approved by the General Assembly

Titre II : Members

Article 4

The founding members of the Association are :
Lesire Madeleine, Chairperson
Blaffart Anne-Louise, Vice-Chairperson
Pieper Yves, Secretary
Derochette Luc, Treasurer
Wodon Jean-Marie, Adviser
Detilloux Jean-Marie, Adviser

They are forming the Standing Committee of the Association.


New membership applications are endorsed by the Standing Committee.
A copy of the AHB statutes and a copy of its internal procedure manual are available from the Association to all its members.
In receiving membership, members agree to the statutes of the Association and to its internal procedures manual.

Article 6

The annual membership fee of the Association is €25 (twenty-five EURO). Members of a same household will pay only a single fee.

Article 7

Each member may at any time withdraw from the Association.

Article 8

Members and their potential successors have no share in the assets of the Association and will not, in case of withdrawal, exclusion or death, request a refund or a reward for fees paid or contributions made.

Titre III : Administration

Article 9

9.1. The Association is managed by a Board (the Standing Committee - SC) composed of at least 3 people and up to 6 members of the Association and who are exercising their mandate completely voluntary.
The Standing Committee appoints a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer and may also appoint a Vice-Chairperson and assistants to the Secretary and to the Treasurer.

9.2 A bank account was opened on behalf of the Association in May 2008 in the Fortis bank agency of Haccourt. It has a savings account and a current account.

9.3 Accounts management is done in a transparent manner and according to good management procedures.

9.4 The Standing Committee appoints among its members the Administrators (from 2 to 4 out of whom the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer if any) who will have mandate to administer the bank accounts.

9.5 Monies collected under the transactions referred to in Article 3.2 and the use made of them is published on the Association website.

Article 10

10.1 The Standing Committee shall be convened by the Chairperson.

10.2 Minutes of each SC meeting are taken and approved by the Administrators.

Titre IV : General Assembly

Article 11

The General Assembly (abbreviated GA) is composed of all members and is chaired by the Chairperson of the Standing Committee or, in his/her absence, by the Vice-Chairperson or by the oldest present Administrator.

Each member has one vote and may be represented by another member with a written proxy (one proxy per member present).

Article 12

An agenda for the GA will be suggested to the members. The accounts of the Association will be presented to the members during the GA.

Titre V : Problems withing the Association

Article 13

For the release of bank accounts, at least two Administrators must act jointly, except when a GA resolution is produced or a judicial decision is made.

Titre VI : Activities

Article 14

14.1. The AHB focuses its activities on raising environmental awareness and education as well as activities for the conservation of nature.

14.2 The AHB will carry out its activities partly in Belgium and partly abroad.
New Caledonia, the adopted land of Henry BLAFFART, is a privileged partner.

14.3. The AHB has close links with the New Caledonian French Association Law 1901 "Dayu Biik", specialised in environmental awareness and initiation activities in New Caledonia.

14.4 The AHB is, among other things, considering collaborative activities with the previously named association in a partnership agreement framework. The AHB may however also work with other structures.

Article 15

15.1. The AHB organises fund raising activities and events.

15.2. Organisers for the preparation and implementation of such events will be previously designated.

15.3. Depending on the type of event, the SC decides about exempting or not the organising members of paying the participation fee required from other participants.

Titre VII : Updating the statutes

Article 16

These current Statutes may be adapted to the needs of the Association and its development.

Article 17

Amending these statutes must be made by the Standing Committee.
Members may however, during GA, make suggestions in that direction, which will be examined by the Standing Committee.

Done in five copies, one for each Adinistrator, and adopted unanimously on the 12th February 2009 in St-Siméon Houtain.